How To Make A Large Floor Pillow

Floor pillows, which might also look like large bean bag chairs, are a common piece of equipment used during your child’s therapy sessions. These girl on a floor pillowlarge pillows or cushions have several different purposes. Floor pillows are a wonderful tool for self-calming and regulation for a child because they provide a defined relaxation spot. Floor pillows also provide a safe area for your child to jump or crash into, which is helpful for kids who are constantly on the go and seek the high sensory input from crashing into objects. And the great thing is that large floor pillows are an easy ‘do it yourself’ project that you can make with your child at home.

How To Make A Floor Pillow:

Materials: 2 large duvet covers (1 to hold the foam and 1 for the outer layer to wash), soft foam pieces


  1. Fill the inside duvet cover with as many foam pieces as you would like to create the desired shape and size (e.g. The more foam the safer it will be when used for crashing into).
  2. Tie or sew the ends of the inside cover securely.
  3. Then place this filled duvet cover into the second duvet cover (choose a fun color or pattern for the outside one, to match your child’s personality and/or favorite color).
  4. Tie the ends into a large knot (this will allow easy maintenance and clean-up, as it can be easily untied and thrown into the washing machine).
  5. And begin using your new floor pillow!

Do it yourself projects are a perfect way for your child to work on following directions and completing a project from start to finish. Projects are also a great family bonding experience, as they require teamwork and social skills. Stay tuned for my next blog on uses for your large floor pillow.


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