Elmhurst, IL — ABA Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Occupational Therapy

Coming soon to Elmhurst, a 2 minute walk from the Metra station, North Shore Pediatric Therapy provides a interdisciplinary focus on meeting your child's unique goals.

We offer ABA Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Mental Health services.
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We accept many major insurance providers and private pay. We'll perform a complimentary benefits check on your behalf.
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My child...

Needs an Autism Assessment

We provide ADOS-2 (Autism Diagnostic Observation Scheduling) testing in multiple locations. This is a play based diagnostic exam by our Neuropsychology Team.

Children 4 & under:
Assessments can be scheduled within two weeks.

Children 5 & up:
We are currently booking appointments 5-6 months into the future.
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Has an Autism Diagnosis

Our Elmhurst, IL Center is opening at the end of July and has immediate availability for ABA therapy services.

Prior to opening, children can start services immediately in our Naperville center.

We proudly serve Elmhurst and the surrounding areas, including Villa Park, Oak Brook, Lombard, and Addison.

Contact us today to schedule an assessment.
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Needs Therapy Services

If your child's physician has recommended our therapies, or you've noticed them missing key developmental milestones, we are here to help.

Your child will be seen by a multidisciplinary team of experts. This care model ensures comprehensive, coordinated, and holistic treatment, addressing all aspects of your child's development.

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One of our dedicated team members will connect with you to discuss services, your insurance benefits, and your family’s needs.
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Getting to our
Elmhurst, IL Center

Our address: 
121 N Addison Ave
Elmhurst, IL 60126

We are located in downton Elmhurst, just steps from the Elmhurst Metra station. There is ample street parking along Addison Ave.

Coming soon! Opening in July 2024, with immediate availability to start at our Naperville location.

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    One of our dedicated team members will connect with you to discuss services, your insurance benefits, and your family’s needs.
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    Paperwork & insurance
    We'll review and confirm your insurance benefits, and we'll work with you to gather additional paperwork required and discuss financial expectations based on insurance.
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    Treatment personalization
    We'll schedule an assessment date for your child with one of our clinicians. This assessment will serve as the basis for your child’s personalized treatment plan. After, we'll meet to discuss recommendations and your child’s treatment plan and start date.
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    Start making progress!
    We will greet and welcome your child to our warm and supportive environment where our staff will provide 1-on-1 care to meet our treatment goals.
Let's play school!

Blossom Prep School:
Our School Readiness Program

School is a big step for children with autism. We’re here to make that step smaller.

Blossom Prep-School is a structured, small group classroom environment designed to give your child with autism what he/she needs to grow. The program incorporates learning opportunities during circle time, calendar, structured peer play, and other key learning-to-learn skills.
Child-friendly therapy space with comfortable seating at North Shore Pediatric Therapy, Naperville, IL
Blossom illustration with the words North Shore Pediatric Therapy
Traditional Programs
What does the learning environment look like?
Small, inclusive classroom setting designed to support neurodivergent children. Tools like visual schedules, sensory toys, positive reinforcement, and therapeutic equipment are used throughout the day.
Classroom with up to 25 children at a time. Typical setup may contribute to sensory overload, including bright lights and colors, loud noises, and a crowded space.
Who will lead my child's learning?
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1:1 therapist to client ratio. Our clinical staff are experienced with autism, sensory sensitivities, and motor and speech development needs.
Larger ratio of teachers to students. May be able to provide the support needed for neurodivergent children depending on each teacher’s knowledge and experience.
Will my child have circle time?
Children participate in sensory-friendly group activities with the assistance of therapists, including songs and dances, games, and group lessons and instruction.
Children participate in group activities but may lack repetition, consistency and schedule predictability, leading to difficult transitions.
How is individual work structured?
Children work on activities like coloring sheets, crafts, and workbooks to develop math, science, language arts, and creative arts concepts. Activities are based on each child’s ability and goals.
Children work on a standardized curriculum of activities, including coloring sheets, crafts, and workbooks.
How are literacy and communication skills taught?
Children practice communication and social skills like learning letters, raising hands, expressing needs, and participating in interactive story time, all facilitated by therapists.
Children work on a standardized curriculum of activities, including learning letters, raising hands, and story time.
What kind of free play options are available?
Children choose their own activities in our sensory-friendly gym. Peer play & sensory regulation is facilitated by therapists.
Children choose their own activities in the classroom or play area. Play environment may lack quiet areas or fidget toys to avoid overstimulation.
Interdisciplinary Pediatric Therapists in Elmhurst, IL

Our Elmhurst Pediatric Therapy Team

Smiling team of dedicated pediatric therapy professionals from North Shore Pediatric Therapy in Naperville, IL, posing together.

Our centers have all the resources your child needs to have a blast while enhancing their skills.


Each of our individual therapy rooms is equipped to target your child's unique goals through one-on-one sessions with your child's Behavior Therapist.

These private spaces allow your child to focus and make progress on language, communication, academics, cognitive skills, emotional regulation, and more.

Autism therapy provider with a small child in Lincolnwood, IL.


Our gyms are some of our clients' most-loved spaces. They feature several kid-favorite activities, including swings, trapeze bars, slides, balls, and many other games.

Our gym spaces target strength, balance, coordination, and sensory processing in an environment of play.

Pediatric therapists in Lincolnwood, IL helping a child on a rock wall in our NSPT center.


Our sensory rooms support clients in regulation and focus, tailored to your child's individual needs.

A sensory room is a safe environment designed to provide individuals the opportunity to decompress and cope with a variety of sensory experiences. Many of our kids find comfort in our sensory rooms while developing their visual, auditory, and tactile processing skills.

Cozy sensory corner designed to support children's development at North Shore Pediatric Therapy.


We have several classroom-style spaces to help our clients with group instruction, following directions, imitation skills, and parallel play.

Classrooms provide clients with readiness for their own school journey, in addition to opportunities for socialization and group learning.


Our centers feature a variety of stations for activities that kids love. These include corners for reading, playing, and practicing real-world skills for inside and outside the home.

Our centers are built around learning spaces for clients to offer support with improving and practicing daily living skills.

"Interactive therapy room featuring sensory play equipment North Shore Pediatric Therapy.


We support a variety of ages in our centers, and provide curriculum-based programs for individuals aged 12-22 as part of our specialized Teen & Young Adult program.

Adaptive therapy area designed to support children with diverse needs at North Shore Pediatric Therapy, Naperville, IL.

Download our Guide for Families

We know that choosing a local ABA facility can be a hard decision. We’ve created an informational guide to help you understand more about the questions you should be asking while meeting with different providers.

Although we talk about our services here, our highest goal is for you to feel comfortable and knowledgeable about picking a provider that is the best fit for your needs. You are making a decision that will impact the entire trajectory of your child’s life!
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The cover of the NSPT Guide for Families, which helps families to figure out the questions to ask when picking an ABA provider.


Why we do what we do.
Success looks different for every child... But we bet we have a story that matches your child's needs. Like James, who started with us as non-verbal and lacking the ability to initiate and maintain social interactions. Today, he can speak complete sentences, clearly state his needs, and navigate social interactions with his friends!