Let's play school!

Blossom Prep School

School is a big step for children with autism. We’re here to make that step smaller.

To make sure your child is ready for their big day, North Shore Pediatric Therapy offers a program to supplement their treatment that prepares your child for classrooms and other group environments.
Child-friendly therapy space with comfortable seating at North Shore Pediatric Therapy, Naperville, IL

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How we will work with your child

It’s important to us that your child gets what they need.
Using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, we customize your child’s curriculum to what suits them best.
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Let's have some fun!

We practice activities your child will participate in.They’ll sit in circle time, make arts and crafts, greet peers, and more!

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Let's make a game plan!

We assess your child’s needs and create goals tailored for them. They work on those goals with their classmates.

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Today we're going to learn about...

Our Behavior Therapists will teach your child how to take turns, follow group instructions, share, respond to their name, and more!

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We're in it together

Our students work one-on-one with a team of Behavior Therapists with a curriculum supervised by their Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

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Let's take our time

We break large skills into small steps and reinforce those steps until mastered.

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Traditional Programs
What does the learning environment look like?
Small, inclusive classroom setting designed to support neurodivergent children. Tools like visual schedules, sensory toys, positive reinforcement, and therapeutic equipment are used throughout the day.
Classroom with up to 25 children at a time. Typical setup may contribute to sensory overload, including bright lights and colors, loud noises, and a crowded space.
Who will lead my child's learning?
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1:1 therapist to client ratio. Our clinical staff are experienced with autism, sensory sensitivities, and motor and speech development needs.
Larger ratio of teachers to students. May be able to provide the support needed for neurodivergent children depending on each teacher’s knowledge and experience.
Will my child have circle time?
Children participate in sensory-friendly group activities with the assistance of therapists, including songs and dances, games, and group lessons and instruction.
Children participate in group activities but may lack repetition, consistency and schedule predictability, leading to difficult transitions.
How is individual work structured?
Children work on activities like coloring sheets, crafts, and workbooks to develop math, science, language arts, and creative arts concepts. Activities are based on each child’s ability and goals.
Children work on a standardized curriculum of activities, including coloring sheets, crafts, and workbooks.
How are literacy and communication skills taught?
Children practice communication and social skills like learning letters, raising hands, expressing needs, and participating in interactive story time, all facilitated by therapists.
Children work on a standardized curriculum of activities, including learning letters, raising hands, and story time.
What kind of free play options are available?
Children choose their own activities in our sensory-friendly gym. Peer play & sensory regulation is facilitated by therapists.
Children choose their own activities in the classroom or play area. Play environment may lack quiet areas or fidget toys to avoid overstimulation.

At North Shore Pediatric Therapy, your child's strengths, interests, and boundaries come first.

Supportive and diverse group of Naperville team members from North Shore Pediatric Therapy, working together to provide exceptional care.


Our approach to ABA therapy and all of our therapies is rooted in the belief that every child brings unique abilities and perspectives. We aim to nurture these strengths while addressing any challenges.

We create an environment of acceptance and understanding for each child that walks through our doors.

An occupational therapist with two children in our Lincolnwood, IL center.


By collaborating closely with families, we create individualized therapeutic approaches that respect and integrate your deep understanding of your child's needs.

We value your input, keep you informed on your child's progress, and empower you with strategies to support your child outside of the clinic environment.

A therapist and small child smiling brightly in the Lincolnwood, IL center.


We prioritize your child's autonomy, ensuring their voice is heard and incorporated into the therapy process to foster self-confidence and personal growth.

We'll work with your child's sensory sensitivities and respect their need for routine, and do not work towards "normalizing" behaviors at the expense of your child's creativity, individuality, and autonomy.

Two therapists and a small child playing at an inflatable pool, all seated in the center. The child is happily splashing water while the therapists assist and encourage them in their play.


Our team is dedicated to creating an open, respectful environment where we meet your child where they are every day.

Therapy progresses cooperatively, always prioritizing your child's comfort and consent. Along the way, we make sure there is plenty of time for rest, play, and typical childhood activities.


We strive to help your child develop important life skills in a safe, supportive setting that respects their sensory needs and personal comfort.

Our therapists take time to build rapport with your child, customize their approach, and respect your child's sensory sensitivities and need for routine.

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Download our Guide for Families

We know that choosing a local ABA facility can be a hard decision. We’ve created an informational guide to help you understand more about the questions you should be asking while meeting with different providers.

Although we talk about our services here, our highest goal is for you to feel comfortable and knowledgeable about picking a provider that is the best fit for your needs. You are making a decision that will impact the entire trajectory of your child’s life!
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The cover of the NSPT Guide for Families, which helps families to figure out the questions to ask when picking an ABA provider.

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Why we do what we do.
Success looks different for every child... But we bet we have a story that matches your child's needs. Like James, who started with us as non-verbal and lacking the ability to initiate and maintain social interactions. Today, he can speak complete sentences, clearly state his needs, and navigate social interactions with his friends!

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