college and tele therapy

How Can Virtual Therapy Benefit a Child Going to College?

Going to college is one of the biggest changes in a young person’s life. There is excitement mixed with trepidation. There is new found independence mixed with sometimes too much independence. There is a whole different way of learning.

This change alone can cause many emotional issues and stress for a young adult. Many times, aThe Benefits of Virtual Therapy for College Students child enters college with identified social emotional issues as well, and must somehow face all of the above stressors out of the comfort of his own home.

The college years are also a time when many questions arise. Kids being to think about the following:

  • Where should I live?
  • Should I continue in school?
  • Am I ready to settle on a career?
  • Should I get married?

If these stressors are too much for a college student, Virutal Therapy (also know as Tele Therapy) can help.  Virtual therapy can help a person during and after college deal with some very tough choices and stressors in their life.  By providing therapy virtually, it is easier to fit in one’s schedule and helps to take away from the stigma of “going” to therapy.

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