9/11/2001 Lessons for Children

We must never forget what happened on September 11, 2011. We all remember where we were the moment we heard the news. Whether we were woken9/11 Flag up by constant phone calls in Chicago, entering a class at school in Florida, watching the news in Austin or walking the streets in New York City, we all experienced a new sense of fear and unknown. How do we teach our children about September 11? What do we teach them about September 11?

These lessons must be taught at home, through books at an age appropriate level, and in the school curriculum.

Here are 6 tips to remember when teaching your child about the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks:

1) Stay age appropriate.

2) Don’t lie and say it never happened or it was not a big deal to cover up for an uncomfortable conversation, just go to Tip #1.

3) Get assistance through social workers at school or privately who can help your family cope and process.

4) Use art or music as a vehicle of communication for remembering 9-11.

5) Watch out for non verbal signs of anxiety, fear, depression, bullying, or any other red flags for children who may be at risk.

6) Teach them about what a hero is and why we should be thankful for people like Fireman and Policeman.

May we all learn from our past in order to pave a safer path for our future.