Yoga and Pilates for the Whole Family

Why Yoga and Pilates Can Help Your Child:

The practice of yoga and pilates has become increasingly popular among adults. It seems like there is now a yoga or pilates studio mom and daughter doing yogaon every corner– right next door to the Starbucks on every corner! In fact, yoga and pilates exercises are actually just as beneficial for kids as they are for adults. Not only do the exercises build a stronger core, improve balance and increase concentration, they also assist to calm the body and promote control. Next time you decide to work out by doing yoga or pilates, have your child join in on the fun!

Resources for yoga and pilates activities for home:

Yoga Pretzels cards: 50 Fun Yoga Activities for Kids and Grownups (Authors: Tara Guber and Leah Kalish)

GiggleYoLates DVD: yoga and pilates exercises for children (Author: Angelique Micallef-Courts)

My Daddy is a Pretzel cards: Yoga for Parents and Kids (Author: Baron Baptiste)

Fit Kids DVD: exercises for kids (Author: Denise Austin)

Integrated Yoga: Yoga with a Sensory Integrated Approach book (Author: Nicole Cuomo)

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