Why Isn’t My Child Walking Yet?

As a follow up to last week’s blog, Signs that My Child Will Walk Soon, I present the next topic in my walking series, Why Isn’t My Child Walking?. As first birthdays come around, many anxious parents wonder, “why hasn’t my child taken his first steps?” First off, let me dispel the myth that babies will begin taking their first steps by their first birthday. The normal range for independent walking is 10-18 months, however most children begin walking around 14-15 months. Delayed walking skills may be due to decreased muscle strength, decreased confidence, or impaired balance. Read below for a description of signs of each and tips to help improve them.

 Reasons Your Child May Not Be Walking Yet:

  • Decreased Muscle Strength: Walking is a major milestone for children and requires a lot of lower extremitywhen will my child walk strength. This is why there are so many important precursors to walking, such as cruising and creeping on hands and knees. Children typically spend 1-4 months in each of these precursory milestones in order to build the strength necessary for walking. Encouraging your child to spend time in these gravity dependent positions will help build lower extremity strength.
  • Decreased Confidence: Often times children who have been cruising for significant periods of time without making the transition to independent stepping may have decreased confidence in their walking skills. Employing a towel or blanket that is held as a link between parent and child, can help build their confidence.
  • Impaired Balance: A child who shows difficulty with independent standing may have impaired balance and proprioception. Using heavier shoes that help give feet to the child that let them know where they are in space.
  • Other Medical Reasons: There may be an underlying medical condition preventing your achieving his gross motor milestones in an appropriate time frame If your child is not demonstrating signs that he will walk soon by 12 months of age, please contact your physician or come into North Shore Pediatric Therapy for a free physical therapy screen.

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