Top 5 Healthy Halloween Treats for Your Toddler

Halloween PizzaLadies and gentlemen, ghosts and goblins…the darkest, spookiest, goose-bumpin’ season has finally arrived! During Halloween season, there’s nothing scarier than the sight of your adorable toddler in his or her costume, running around with buckets full of candy. Lucky for you, they are still at an age where you can instill healthy eating habits in their little bodies without letting go of the Halloween spirit! Below is a list of some of my favorite healthy treats for Halloween which won’t lead to cavities and constant cravings for sweets.

 Top 5 Healthy Halloween Treats for Your Toddler 


  • Spooky Jell-O:  Make a package of orange Jell-O and use Halloween cookie cutters to make spooky creatures. Top it off with creepy crawlers and you’ve got yourself a non-fat treat. 
  •  Trick or Treat Alternatives: This year, take initiative in your neighborhood by giving healthier candy alternatives like animal crackers, single serve boxes of cereal, or individual 100 percent juice drinks. The more your toddler is exposed to it, the more likely they’ll choose it over candy! To top it off, you’ll make other parents very happy. 
  • Carrot Fingers: Take five carrot sticks and slice off the edges in an angle so they look like fingertips (optional: place sliced almonds on top of the “fingers” to look like finger nails). Stick them in a bowl of dip and you have an orange hand reaching out of the dip! 
  • Ghost Toasts: Take a piece of white toast (preferably with added fiber) and shape it into a ghost. Cover it with whipped cream cheese and use currants to add eyes and mouths! How’s that for a Halloween breakfast option? 
  • Mummified Pizzas: On half a slice of whole-wheat English muffin, add a little pizza sauce (and other preferred ingredients like vegetables!) and create the face of a mummy using shredded mozzarella cheese and sliced olives as eyes.

This Halloween, you may not be able to stop your toddler from collecting tons of candy, but you can definitely make it a habit to introduce healthy Halloween treats every year. Not only will your kids look forward to helping you make them as they get older, but you are helping them acquire tastes for healthy foods without relying heavily on Halloween candy as treats.

Do you have any healthy Halloween treats you would like to share? Have you tried any of the above? Share away! And have a happy, HEALTHY, scary Halloween!  


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