How To Know When Your Child Is Ready For A Two Wheeler | Pediatric Therapy Tv In Today’s Webisode, a pediatric physical therapist answers a question from a viewer on how to know when a child is ready to ride a two wheeler bicycle.  For quick tips on taking off the training wheels, read this blog:

In This Video You Will Learn:

  • At what ages a child is ready for a two wheeler
  • What types of bikes children should master before a two wheeler
  • What the physical requirements are prior to mastering a two wheeler bike

Video Transcription:

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Robyn: Hello and welcome to Pediatric Therapy TV. I’m your host, Robyn
Ackerman. Today I’m standing with pediatric physical therapist
Leida Van Oss.

Leida, we have a question from one of our viewers. Jessica is
asking, “How do you know when your child is ready to ride a two-

Leida: There are many signs that you can tell if your child is ready
to ride a two-wheeler. The first and most important thing is
have they mastered riding a tricycle or a scooter bike? Little
scooter bikes are the little mini two-wheelers that have two
wheels but no pedals or cranks or anything like that, so they
just push their feet along and then lift their feet up.

If they’re really good at doing that and they can lift their
feet and hold it for a good 10 seconds without falling, then
they’ve mastered that balance that’s needed to go to two wheels
with pedaling. Tricycling is also really important to get that
reciprocal motion throughout their feet.

Also, your child needs to be strong enough, tall enough, and
have the balance and coordination in order to ride a two-wheeler
bike. Usually, this is about four or five years old.

Robyn: Great. Thank you so much, Leida, and thank you to Jessica for
submitting her question, and thank you to our viewers. And
remember, keep on blossoming.

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