Holiday Giving Without Spoiling Your Child

Tis’ the season, gift giving is right around the corner! Are you concerned your child is taking gifts for granted? Sure, it is fun to tear wrapping paper off of a shiny new toy but here are some other ideas that will have a lasting effect on your child much past the holiday season!

Tips To Encourage Graciousness In Your Child:mad child with gifts

  • Sign your child up for an activity they enjoy, (dance, art class, sporting activity, karate, etc.) this will challenge them and keep them active all year round.
  • Have your child choose a charity/organization of their choice and make a donation in their name, volunteer, or ask them to donate one of their gifts to a child in need.
  • Have your child choose a day in the city; choose a fun place to have lunch and an activity of choice. This will give you some quality time together enjoying something you do not frequently do!
  • Put money into a savings account for your child or purchase a savings bond to save for their future.
  • Purchase a family pass to a museum, zoo, or Great America.
  • Whether it is near, like a fun family weekend at home with planned activities or a family vacation somewhere sunny and warm, involving your child in the planning of an activity makes them feel involved and invested!
  • Develop a coupon book that includes coupons for fun activities that are redeemable. Activities such as staying up 15 minutes later, extra Wii time, extra book at bedtime, ice cream after dinner, movie/popcorn night with JUST Mom and Dad, the list goes on and on!

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