Gross Motor Milestones for your Babies’ First Year

The first year of a child’s life is full of learning and excitement. Every month brings new milestones, both for fine motor, gross motor and speech production. Knowing what is expected in each month can help you prepare as a parent, and even help you facilitate your baby standingbabies’ milestones. Below is a list of gross motor milestones to help your baby through the first year of life. Keep in mind that each milestone has a window that the milestone is expected to occur.

Gross Motor Milestones in the First Year:

1-2 months: Baby will bend and straighten legs alternately or together

2-3 months: While on their tummy, the baby will hold their head up at a 45 degree angle between their chin and chest

4.5-6 months: Baby will sit with arm support with their arms in front of them

5.5-9 months: Rolling from tummy to/from back to both right and left sides independently

6-8 months: Independent sitting without arm or trunk support

7-9 months: Kneeling on hands and knees (quadruped position)

9-10 months: Pulling to stand at a surface supported with arms.

8-13 months: Creeping on hands and knees with belly off the ground

9-13 months: Cruising along a surface

10.5-13 months: Independent standing

12-14 months: Independent walking

Growth and development occurs differently in every child and there is a window where milestones traditionally occur. If you are concerned about your child’s development, speak with your pediatrician or schedule a physical therapy evaluation.

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