Benefits of Routines for Children

Why is Routine Important?

Children benefit from routines. Routines provide structure, a sense of security and help children develop self-discipline. Like all of us, children manage change best if it is anticipated and materializes in the context of a common routine. Routines help us appropriately self-regulate and control our environments. Schedules help parents maintain consistency with expectations.


6 Benefits of Routines

1)      Routines eliminate power struggle: It is already outlined what happens at a certain time of day.

2)      Routines help children cooperate: Routines reduce stress with transitions.

3)      Child doing homeworkRoutines help kids learn to care for themselves: As children learn routines (for example, brushing their teeth before going to bed getting dressed, packing their backpacks) they become more independent.

4)      Children learn to look forward to activities: Routines help children learn responsibility and patience. For example, homework is always completed first, then there can be free time.

5)      Daily routines help kids to be organized and on a schedule: This promotes ease with falling asleep at night and ensuring a good night’s sleep.

6)      Routines help parents build in special time with their child: Instead of losing focus and “moving kids through the day,” build in special time in the routine. For example, reading a book every night or having breakfast together.

Dr. Laura Markham: Structure: Why Kids Need Routines