5 Ways to Help Your Child “Kick-Off” a Conversation

Many people look forward to fall for the start of football season and back-to-school; however, it can also be an intimidating time for children who struggle with social interaction with peers.  For some kids, talking with friends comes naturally.  Other kids need some help.  If your child finds it difficult to strike up a conversation with friends, encourage her to take the following steps to “kick-off” a discussion with peers that will set the foundation for wonderful friendships in the school year to come.

5 ways to help your child “kick-off” a conversation:

Ask “Get-to-know-you” Questions:

  • What’s your name?
  • What grade are you in?
  • Do you like sports?
  • Do you have brothers/sisters/pets?

Discuss Seasonal Topics:

  • Ask about summer break/vacations/camps
  • Discuss favorite fall football teams

Talk About News Events:

  • Sports games
  • Presidential election
  • “Did you hear about…?”

Share Stories from the Summer:

  • A good book you are reading/read
  • A movie you saw
  • A camp you went to
  • “Hey, I just saw this movie…”

Ask “What’s-Your-Favorite” Questions:

  • Sports team?
  • Food?
  • Subject in school?
  • “What’s your favorite….?”

These tips should help your child find common ground with his or her peers.  From there, a friendship is made!   For more tips on reducing back-to-school anxiety and sending your child back-to-school strong, click here.