4 Quick Tips To Getting Your Child Organized

Helping your child or student get organized can sometime feel like an uphill battle. For many children the problem isn’t that they won’t organize their bedroom, binder, desk, or backpack but truly that they can’t. For example, many children lack the ability to visualize what their desk is “supposed to” look like when it is clean and organized. Difficulty with organization may be hard to understand, especially if you consider yourself to be an organizational expert.

The following tips can help begin the process of teaching organization skills:

• Take a picture of their desk when it is organized and post the picture inside of the desk. Have your child refer to this visual example when it is time to clean the desk. This strategy can also be to help clean up a bedroom (be sure to take pictures of specific parts of the room – i.e. an organized dresser drawer etc.)

• Give your child very specific and concrete directions when asking them to organize. “First pick up all of the dirty clothes from your bedroom floor. Second, put the dirty clothes in the laundry basket.”

• Create a checklist to guide your child through the process of organizing. This can be helpful for children that tend to get distracted, or children that have difficulty initiating tasks.

• Don’t forget to be your child’s cheerleader as they learn how to become an organizational master – give them praise with every small accomplishment!

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