Creative Ways to Teach the Meaning of Independence Day to Children

Teach your children the meaning behind Independence Day and instill pride to be an American through these fun red, independence day white and blue activities. Through creating these crafts, you can talk with your child about Independence Day and why it is such an important holiday.

Meaningful Independence Day Crafts:

Trace Pictures of Famous Americans: Find pictures of Americans who have played an important role in our history and in the independence of America such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and others. You can use any picture from a book or print from the internet for this activity. For tracing, simply place tracing paper over the picture, and trace the outline of the person’s face. Include as much detail as you want.  Talk with your child about the person and their role in the founding of our country.

Create a Profile Silhouette of Famous Americans: First, find a profile picture of an influential figure in our history (this can also be from a book or the internet), and glue it on to a thicker piece of paper, such as cardboard or poster board. Next, cut around the picture along the profile of the face. This is now your tracing template.  Trace along your template onto black paper using a white pencil (so that it is visible).  Next, cut out your outline from the black paper. You now have your silhouette.  Your child can choose a fun background for it using colored paper cut in various shapes (for example, square or oval). As mentioned previously, you can use this as an opportunity to talk about the person they chose! You can also follow the same directions with a map of America by cutting along the border to create your silhouette.

Create a Handprint American Flag: All you will need for this is white poster board and finger paint. First, designate a square in the top right corner of the poster board.  Next, have your child place her hand in the blue paint and make several horizontal hands prints within the square. This will serve as the stars in our flag. Lastly, using red paint, have your child place horizontal rows of red hands prints across the poster board, leaving white spaces in between. This will serve as the stripes on the flag. Talk with your child about the meaning behind the stars and the stripes. Using handprints as the stripes symbolizes our rights as American’s to vote and to have our voices heard in our country.

Make Fireworks with Glue and Glitter: On construction paper,  have your child create  fireworks by squeezing a glue bottle back and forth. Next take glitter and cover the glue. Encourage your little one to use various colors and to make different sizes fireworks. Discuss why we use fireworks on this holiday in celebration of our country.

Build Red, White and Blue Noise Makers: Use a paper towel or toilet paper role to make a fun celebration noise maker! Simply use packing tape to close off one side of the tube.  Then, fill the inside of the tube with beans, rice or macaroni and tape the other side. Once both sides are closed, you child can decorate the outside with red, white and blue construction paper, markers, glitter, stickers, or any other tool that you  may have.

Be creative with these activities and encourage your child to do the same! These are all great outlets to initiate a discussion on the meaning of Independence Day. Not only will these activities help you to explore history, but they will also create an opportunity to work on developmental skills, such as fine motor coordination, visual perception, bilateral coordination, sequencing, and following directions.  Happy 4th of July!

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