Tips to Help Stay Cool over Summer

For most kids, summer means no school, staying up late, playing outside for hours, and going to the pool. It is essential to stay cool during these activities.

To help your kids and family stay cool over the summer, try these ten helpful strategies:

Children in the shade during summertime

  1. Clothing: Dress in light colors. Also, cotton fabrics can help you keep cooler, as well as clothing that fits more loosely.
  2. Hats: If you are wearing a hat, you can put cold water in it throughout the day and put it back on your head to help you stay cool.
  3. Beverages: Drink lots of cold water and be sure to stay hydrated. You can also drink sports drinks that have electrolytes in them. However, it is helpful to water down these drinks since they tend to contain a lot of sugar. Freezing water bottles and bringing them with you when you’re going to the beach or park ensures that you’ll have something cold to drink for hours. In addition, be sure to avoid caffeinated drinks. They can make you more thirsty and leave you dehydrated.
  4. Foods: During the summer, try to eat lighter and cooler foods. Many people do not feel hungry due to the heat; however, an empty stomach can lead to lightheadedness, especially in the heat. Munching on smaller snacks/meals throughout the day, like vegetables and fruits, can help cool you down.
  5. Time of the Day: If possible, try to plan activities during cooler times of the day, such as early morning or early evening hours.
  6. Common Sense: If it is just too hot outside, choose indoor activities, such as arts and crafts or board games. You can also plan to go to a museum or see a movie.
  7. Spray Bottles: Before going out to play, be sure to bring a spray bottle filled with cold water.  Spraying yourself can help refresh and cool you down.
  8. Fans: If you’re outside on a hot day, use a portable fan to help you stay cool. You could also attach it to your child’s stroller to keep him or her cool as well.
  9. Water: Outside water play is a great way to stay cool on a hot day. You can go to the pool, run through the sprinkler, or even have water balloon tosses.
  10. Seek Shade: When you are outdoors, make sure that there is shade nearby. Using shade from trees or bringing umbrellas or tents will provide relief from the sun.

Remember – when playing outside, stay smart and keep these tips in mind to help stay safe. Listen to what your body is telling you and keep cool. And finally, be sure to wear your sunscreen!

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