Disc-o-Sit | Easy Home Activities That Target Balance and Core Control

The Disc-O-Sit cushion is a fun and easy tool to use at home.   This round, rubbery cushioncan be used to work on balance, core strength and postural control.  Below are suggestions for a variety of activities that your child will enjoy!

Using The Disc-O-Sit Cushion While Standing or Kneeling:Disc-O-Sit Product

  • Tape a piece of paper or a picture to the walland have your child color while reaching overhead
  • Play baseball or bowling
  • Play catch
  • Play balloon volleyball
  • Reach for and pop bubbles overhead

 Using The Disc-O-Sit Cushion While Standing

  • Balance on one foot
  • Complete everyday activities such as brushingteeth or helping mom or dad with making dinner

Using The Disc-O-Sit Cushion While On the belly

  • Watch TV
  • Play a board game
  • Play other games

Using The Disc-O-Sit Cushion While Sitting

  • Have your child hold his legs up in the air (hecan support himself with his hands on the floor) and kick a ball back and forthto you
  • Have your child try to curl into a ball in asitting position (hugging the knees into the chest). Try to have him hold thisposition for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Use the Disc-o-Sit as a seat cushion in yourchild’s chair to provide movement while sitting to help decrease fidgetybehavior (this is particularly useful during homework or dinner time)
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