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Find out if your child has a possible Articulation Disorder with our Easy Checklist.

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What is an Articulation Disorder? 
Articulation disorders refer to errors in speech sounds by mispronouncing, substituting, or leaving out the sound. It is age-appropriate for children at certain ages to be producing errors with particular sounds. However, if a child is producing an error with a sound that they should have acquired, they may have an articulation disorder. Articulation disorders may impact a child’s speech intelligibility when communicating with others.
With This Easy to Use, Free Checklist You Will:
  • Identify issues and have the opportunity to provide appropriate help to enable your child/student’s success.
  • Have a great tool at Parent/Teacher conferences.
  • Have a true understanding if your student/child’s daily and school social interactions are negatively affected by a possible undiagnosis of Articulation Difficulties
This Checklist is a must for any parent, teacher or physician looking to find answers!
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