Signs at the Playground Your Child May Need Physical Therapy

The playground is one of the most basic, yet most wonderful, forums for young children to begin to develop gross motorskills.  For most kids, the playground is a place where physical feats and skills come alive.  However, the many options at the playground also provide an excellent spot for parents to see if a child is lagging in an area of his gross motor development and may need physical therapy.  Read on for 5 signs this may be the case.

Signs at the Playground Your Child May Need Physical Therapy:

  • He is afraid to climb certain structures, for example a rock wall or a chain ladder.
  • He has difficulty keeping up with peers during running games.
  • He runs into objects or people/falls down often.
  • He leads with one leg only when climbing.
  • He demonstrates an inability to ride a bike independently by 7 years of age.

If you feel your child presents with any of these signs, a consultation with a physical therapist may be needed.  Remember, every child develops at his own pace.