Your Guide to Telehealth Consultations for Neuropsychology

Parents and children are faced with a variety of challenges in reacting and responding to the ways COVID-19 affects their families. Many find themselves at a loss for how to handle this crisis. We want to help. That’s why our neuropsychologists are available for consultation, via telehealth, to assist you.

What is telehealth consultation?

Telehealth are essential health services provided via phone or through a video. Telehealth allows you to get the assistance you need while also keeping your family safe. Using telehealth, our neuropsychologists can answer questions, guide services, and help your family navigate next steps.

What questions can consultation answer?

  • During e-learning, I noticed my child has a hard time in a certain subject, such as reading or math. Is this typical or should they be tested by a neuropsychologist?
  • My child has a hard time sitting still and focusing, is this ADHD or e-learning?
  • I am worried my child is falling behind developmentally, what can I do?
  • My child was already diagnosed with ADHD, how can I make sure they continue to learn and grow?
  • What are the next steps in advocating for my child to get school-based services/accommodations?
  • How can I get other services (speech, OT, ABA, etc.) started for my child?
  • My child already has school accommodations, how can I make sure they continue in the fall? How can I adapt them to reflect any new concerns from e-learning?

What we can do through consultation:

  • Provide information for you to decide whether a neuropsychological evaluation would answer questions you have about your child’s developmental needs
  • Help guide services and find appropriate supports for your child
  • Collaborate with schools to navigate how your child can successfully return to their educational setting
  • Work with service providers (OT, speech, ABA) to problem-solve any new or existing concerns
  • Answer questions about past evaluations in light of new stressors or challenges

NSPT offers services in the Chicagoland Area. If you have questions or concerns about your child, we would love to help!Give us a call at (877) 486-4140 and speak to one of our Family Child Advocates today!