Will My Child Be Ready for School In the Fall?

Is your child scheduled to begin kindergarten in the fall? Are you concerned about the impact of preschool absence on later academic success? Do you worry about a delayed school start effecting the trajectory of your child’s education?

In Neuropsychology, we answer these questions by assessing the level of what we call, “School Readiness”. School readiness is a term used to describe essential skills and knowledge that have been identified as key factors for social-emotional and academic success. These factors are also related to healthy development in addition to the ability to function and learn within a school environment.

In order to assess School Readiness, we check to see if your child can verbally label and identify basic concepts in the following categories prior to beginning formal education:

  • Colors
  • Alphabet knowledge
  • Numbers/counting
  • Sizes/Comparisons
  • Shapes
  • Direction/Position
  • Self-/Social Awareness
  • Quantity
  • Time/Sequence

If your child has demonstrated the above milestones, they are more likely to experience a smooth and successful transition from home/preschool into kindergarten…Below, we’ve listed some activities you can do from home to help make sure your child is ready for kindergarten this fall!

Activities to support your child at home:

  • Going on a color walk outside
  • Shared reading activities to promote letter identification and letter-sound recognition
  • Count out loud when washing hands
  • Comparing sizes of different toys, people, or objects
  • Go on a shape walk through the house
  • Identify basic emotions while watching movies
  • Narrate your own and your child’s actions using descriptive vocabulary

Still concerned? NSPT is here for you! We can help assess your child’s current level of school readiness, identify areas of need, and ensure supports can be in place when your child does begin school. Neuropsychology consultations are available in person and via video chat. Contact us today to set up your appointment!

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