What to Expect After Neuropsychological Testing

The process of going through a neuropsychological evaluation can be tiring and time consuming.  This process is long-starting fromWhat to expect from neuropsychological testing concerns brought up by the teacher, sharing the information with the pediatrician, getting a referral, meeting with the neuropsychologist, having the child participate in the comprehensive evaluation, and meeting at the end for feedback.  This process may take weeks or months to fully complete.

It is important to understand that the neuropsychological evaluation is really the start of the process.

The focus of the evaluation is to provide information and diagnostic clarification about what is going on with a child’s behavior or learning.  Once the evaluation is completed, the entire process of help and change begins.

The neuropsychological evaluation should help serve as a blue print to plan interventions and accommodations that might prove beneficial for a child within the home or school environments.

They should help lead the family to interventions that would provide support and accommodations.

Throughout this process, the neuropsychologist should stay in the picture of the child’s development.

He or she should provide information to the child’s school and outside therapists.  In addition, it is always recommended that the child participate in a follow-up evaluation after a given time of intervention in order to monitor progress as well as help determine if additional interventions or accommodations are warranted.
In summary, the process of testing is the start of the child’s road to change.

Parents should expect the following after their child has participated in a comprehensive evaluation:

1. A summary meeting to discuss the results of the evaluation.
2. An evaluation report in the mail that provides a written summary of the above meeting.
3. A treatment plan consisting of interventions/accommodations in the clinic, school, and home.
4. Follow-up meetings to evaluate and monitor treatment.

For more information on neuropsychological testing, visit our Neuropsychology Diagnostic and Testing Center.