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Famous People with Dyslexia

Imagine that you are a second grader, leaving the neuropsychologist’s office. BlogGraphics-FamousPeopleDyslexiaMain-LandscapeYou’ve completed diagnostic testing to evaluate the way that you think, read and write. You had to complete odd tasks, feeling nervous and increasingly tired. To top it all off, the neuropsychologist explained to your mom that you show characteristics of something called “dyslexia.” You could tell your mom was upset and maybe even a little sad. You leave feeling even more nervous, thinking “Is something wrong with me?

At the time of a dyslexia diagnosis, your child might feel embarrassed and isolated. Imagine the feeling of hope they might experience when finding out that some of the most successful people they read about in books or see daily on the television also have dyslexia.

Historical Figures:

  • Thomas Edison
  • Henry Ford
  • Scott Fitzgerald
  • Pablo Picasso


  • Ingvar Kamprad, Founder of IKEA
  • Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Enterprises
  • John T. Chambers, CEO, Cisco Systems
  • Charles Schwab, Founder of Charles Schwab Corporation

Entertainment Celebrities:

  • Billy Bob Thornton, writer, director and actor
  • Whoopi Goldberg, Academy Award winning actress
  • Keira Knightly, actress
  • Jay Leno, TV entertainer
  • Henry Winkler, actor and writer

See the website for the International Dyslexia Association for more “Success Stories” in the areas of science, research, politics, and law.

The diagnosis of dyslexia bears no reference to an individual’s intelligence. In fact, some scientists believe that people with dyslexia often are innovative thinkers due to different “hard-wiring” of the brain. As you can see from the above list of leading entertainers and business people in the United States, the diagnosis of dyslexia does not define or limit a child’s success in their career or life.

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