Find Out If Your Child Has A Possible Childhood Depression Disorder With This Easy To Follow Checklist.


C  Users Owner Pictures NSPT Website Photos sad boyWhat is Childhood Depression? 
We all know when an adult is sad and depressed – they cry easily, prefer to be alone, and can verbally express their feelings. It is often hard, however, to identify depression in young children because it often mimics other disorders and concerns, including inattention, impulsively, aggression and learning problems. The free checklist includes warning signs for parents and teachers should look out for.

Depression is a fairly common childhood disorder.  Recent studies have indicated that anywhere between 6 to 8 percent of children and adolescents exhibit symptoms of depression that are characteristic of a diagnosis of major depression.

With This Easy to Use, Free Depression Checklist You Will:

    • Identify issues and have the opportunity to provide appropriate help to enable your child/student’s success.
    • Have a great tool to identify Depression Symptoms at your next visit with your pediatrician.


  • Have a true understanding if you should seek outside help!


This Checklist is a must for any parent, teacher or physician looking to find answers!