Speech and Language Student Externship

We love creating an outstanding experience for our Externship students! North Shore Pediatric Therapy clinicians work with children throughout the Chicagoland area, creating an ideal SLP fieldwork experience.

At North Shore Pediatric Therapy, SLP Externship students who meet their university’s academic and clinical requirements are matched with experienced pediatric therapists to learn about current service delivery models as well as assessment and treatment practices. The program includes mentoring and supervision by licensed and certified clinicians in a pediatric clinic setting.  Resources, materials, and information regarding the supervision of students are available upon request.

Students interested in a North Shore Pediatric Therapy Externship experience, should inform their faculty advisor of their interest and complete our Application Form. North Shore Pediatric Therapy will provide faculty and administration with information about an affiliation agreement upon request.

Watch a video testimonial below by a participant in our Student Fieldwork Placement Program.

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Providing Clinical Training Beyond the University

The purpose of the Externship experience is to provide students with an opportunity to extend their academic and clinical training beyond the university setting while under the supervision of an experienced North Shore Pediatric Therapy Speech Language Pathologist. Since North Shore Pediatric Therapy specializes in pediatrics, we offer excellent opportunities for students to experience a wide variety of assessment and treatment practices for early childhood and beyond.

Goals of the Externship Program

The North Shore Pediatric Therapy Externship Program is designed to:

  • Expose students to children with multiple disabilities and service delivery models appropriate for pediatric settings.
  • Provide students with experiences valued by future employers.
  • Allow students to explore specific client populations and areas of interest.
  • Enable students to gain the clinical hours needed to meet the requirements for the certification and licensure.
  • Promote communication and interaction between the university and North Shore Pediatric Therapy.

Qualifications for Placement

Before beginning the Externship program, students must have completed pre-requisite coursework required by their university and department. Students also must have gained the theoretical knowledge necessary to understand the disabilities they will encounter. They must have observed and worked directly with clients of various ages, presenting a wide range of disorder types and levels of severity.

To start your externship experience, please contact us here.

Requirements for Externship

*Please note, if you are interested in completing your externship with NSPT, you will need to have your school’s coordinator contact us to schedule the reservation. We are unable to schedule reservations through students.*

The following documentation will need to be submitted prior to your first day of externship:

  • Affiliation Agreement from your school
  • An updated background check (must be completed within 3 months prior to your start date and this is done at the student’s expense)
  • An updated 5 panel drug screen (must be completed within 1 month prior to your start date and this is done at the student’s expense)
  • Updated immunization record

If you are interested in completing your externship at NSPT, please have your school’s coordinator contact us via email at Students@NSPT4kids.com. All externship students are selected on a first come, first serve basis.


Establishing a University Affiliation Agreement

Faculty or administrators can establish a North Shore Pediatric Therapy/University Affiliation Agreement consistent with the university’s course description, course objectives, procedures, and expectations. Based on the student’s application, North Shore Pediatric Therapy will assess the availability of locations and complete the placement process.

Intern Experience Reviews

I completed my Level One Speech and Language Pathology internship at North Shore Shore Pediatric Therapy (NSPT) and would highly recommend this site for future students. The NSPT staff members are truly invested in the growth of their students and create a supportive learning environment. NSPT is a clinic that offers various therapies and therefore affords its students the opportunity to be part of a multidisciplinary team and learn from other disciplines. I had an enriching experience as an NSPT intern and feel that I have gained tremendous skill that I will be able to use in the future.

As my school year is beginning and I am looking back on my summer, I realized that the highlight of my summer was shadowing at NSPT. Being able to shadow and sit in on different therapy sessions really gave me a good understanding of what working in the Speech field is like. I did not expect to gain as much out of it as I did, and it definitely confirmed that this is the field that I want to go into. I learned so much, and this semester in my classes I already am recognizing certain concepts and lessons because I came across those things while shadowing. Being able to shadow Julie and other SLPs was very rewarding for me, and I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation to all for allowing me to do so. I am looking forward to continuing my education and hopefully one day working myself in the field and in an environment like NSPT. Thanks again for allowing me to gain experience and an insight into how enjoyable and rewarding this field really is!

The day I started my placement I was shown my desk where I found a message “Welcome to NSPT!” that was signed by all the Lake Bluff team members. I quickly realized that for the next ten weeks, I was joining a team of kind and passionate professionals. I was able to complete my speech and language fieldwork experience in an environment where I was supported, encouraged, and seen as another team member. I appreciated the multidisciplinary approach to treatment, as I was able to observe and work with therapists in other disciplines. Because of my placement with NSPT, I was able to BLOSSOM in my clinical and professional skills as a future speech and language pathologist.

North Shore Pediatric Therapy was an amazing clinical placement. I felt extremely respected by not only my supervisor, but by other clinicians in different disciplines as well. My supervisor, Stephanie Sorrentino, gave me a perfect mix of support and autonomy throughout my placement. She worked incredibly hard to make sure I had guidance from her when I needed it, but she also pushed me to trust my instincts and develop my own clinical skill set. Stephanie was always working to better herself as a clinician and a supervisor. She celebrated my “wins” and helped me through my “stucks” with constructive feedback and collaborative problem-solving. I never felt afraid to ask questions or try something new with a client.

NSPT has such a strong “community” feel, which I appreciated so much as a student. The staff are always quick to help one another, whether it’s sharing ideas for treatment plans, consulting across fields on a challenging client case, or just leaving a kind note for a colleague who’s had a long day. Everyone at Glenview made me feel empowered in my decision-making, and I knew my clinical judgment was valued at NSPT. This placement has taught me to think globally about kids–something I didn’t realize was so important until I saw how connected our fields really are. I’ve loved being a student with NSPT, and I would highly recommend it for a clinical placement!

I had an excellent experience as a student clinician at NSPT in Bucktown. I learned so much from my clients and their families, my supervisor, and the other therapists. NSPT provided me with the valuable opportunity to collaborate with therapists from other disciplines, such as occupational therapy and physical therapy. This encouraged me to consider the whole child, including their strengths and challenges in domains beyond speech and language. My supervisor, Breanne Carro, helped me to grow as a clinician by modeling therapeutic strategies and providing support and feedback. I appreciated that she took the time to meet with me each week to check in on my progress and answer any questions I had. The other therapists were very supportive as well and offered resources and advice. I could see that Breanne, and all of the therapists at NSPT, really cared about the children and their families and had developed meaningful and trusting relationships with them. This made NSPT a warm and welcoming environment for everyone. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be a student clinician at NSPT.

I chose NSPT because I volunteered with Katie Hesch from the Evanston location in the summer of 2016 and had such an incredible experience. I was still deciding whether or not I would want to pursue speech pathology and it was my experience with NSPT that helped make the decision to continue with my studies. NSPT was incredibly professional, caring, and personable. Volunteering as a perspective student was very eye-opening for me; it was wonderful to be able to see first-hand the hard work and creativity that went into the practice as well as the real impact it has on patients. Now that I am enrolled in courses, I would like to return to NSPT to better understand the real-world application of my studies in an environment I know provides excellent care.

Through my experiences at NSPT I have gained invaluable clinical and professional skills that will benefit me as I begin my career as a Speech-Language Pathologist. I gained experiences with children with a wide range of abilities and needs and learned how to best support each of them and be the most effective clinician possible. I had great support throughout my time at NSPT and my supervisor, Stephanie Sorrentino, was always available for any questions or concerns I might’ve had. She pushed me to think creatively about therapy to keep the kids engaged to help them reach their goals. I was surrounded by a great group of clinicians at the Glenview clinic who always supported each other in any way they could. I know my time at NSPT has made me a better clinician and has fully prepared me to start my Clinical Fellowship year.