The Importance of One-on-One Time to Enhance Family Functioning

Life is busy. Time is never enough. Organization for personal affairs often feels like a game of Tetris.why one-on-one time is essential to family functioning
Despite the shortage of hours in your day, it is important to find quality time with each member of your family.  A family meal or movie works towards strengthening the overall familial system (macro level), but alone time helps foster the individual mezzo level) relationships that embody the family.
Without individual attention paid to your children, the need to seek attention can increase and maladaptive modes to gain this attention may be employed. Negative attention is the attention provided to an individual based on inappropriate means.

Individual attention can reduce the child’s need to fight for the parent’s attention through the following ways:

  • Reducing negative behaviors
  • Reducing sibling jealousy
  • Enhancing connections between parent and child

Try these 2 tips for easy ways to show each of your children undivided attention:

1. Parent/Child Date Night- Why do you go out on date night with your spouse? Date night outs allow the couple to reconnect and enhance communication and recognition for one another in a forum that is fun, unique, and memory-building. Date nights work the same way with parents and kids. The child feels special that they get all of their parent’s attention for the day as they get to build memories and reconnect in a personal way. Going to dinner, getting a manicure or pedicure, or even seeing a movie can all facilitate a special bond and reinforce the positive behaviors that the child has been demonstrating in her daily life.
2. Separate Story Time-Providing an individual bed time routine will allow the parent to check in with their child and allow them to individually process the day and set expectations for the following day. Allowing your child to pick out a favorite story for you to read to them allows them to feel special and prioritized all while fostering strong connections.
Consider adding one-on-one time with each child to your routine.  Stronger, more positive individual bonds will result in a stronger family unit overall.

Read here for more reasons your child needs play-time with you!

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