What does it mean to be a “Picky Eater?”

A child who has a very limited diet, avoids food groups, or refuses to try new foods is defined as a picky Picky Eatereater.

Is it normal to argue with my child at mealtime?

Almost every family, at some point or another, goes through a parent-child struggle at mealtime. The conflict between children eating what they need versus children eating what they want can be a frustrating experience for parent and child alike.

Our approach at North Shore Pediatric Therapy

Our dietitians work with your family and child to increase the acceptance and approval of different foods and textures. We start with a structured meal pattern to provide each child with all needed food group servings to meet nutritional needs. Then, we work with parents to provide healthy choices for their child and help the child feel comfortable trying new foods. Healthy and fun recipes are also provided to inspire taste buds and create smiles!

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