What are Orthotics?

An orthotic is an insole or foot-support device. Orthotics can provide support for an injured foot or slight Orthoticsimbalances. Through postural correction, orthotics can help reduce fatigue and promote efficient muscle function, which in turn enhances performance.

How do I know if my child needs orthotics?

Pain and discomfort in the foot is often a sign of misalignment of the foot. If you notice that your child has low arches in the mid-foot area, if his ankle turns in or out too easily or if he often experiences foot fatigue, he may be a candidate for orthotics.

How will my child’s foot misalignment progress if he is not treated with orthotics?

The foot contains 26 bones, up to two sesamoid bones, and many small structures which help support and facilitate alignment in the spine and body. If, for example, your child has a collapsed arch, this can greatly affect his posture and can potentially lead to back pain, scoliosis and other disorders. It is important to correct misalignments in the foot as early as possible in order to prevent these debilitating consequences.

How can orthotics help my child’s foot?

Orthotics can be used to help reduce foot drop, promote proper muscle and spine alignment, improve balance and take pressure off uncomfortable or sore spots. They can be rigid, soft, semi-rigid, proprioceptive or calibrated specifically for your child’s foot.

Our approach at North Shore Pediatric Therapy

At North Shore Pediatric Therapy, we use a whole-body approach to help meet your child’s orthotic needs. Our experienced physical therapist will assess your child’s foot, as well as the rest of the body, to help correct the problem. We measure your child’s feet for orthotics, and if a custom orthotic is needed, we refer to a local clinic where the casting to fit a custom orthotic can be completed. We also formulate a home exercise program to ensure that all stretches and exercises your child learns in our facility will be accessible to him in every environment.