Food JagWhat is a Food Jag?

Food jag is a condition in which an individual consumes the same food, prepared the same way, every day (or on a very consistent basis). Food jags are problematic because, eventually, the individual is expected to grow tired of that particular food and eliminate it from his diet altogether. He may then continue to cycle through preferred foods and eliminate them systematically until there are very few foods available for him to consume at all.

What are some symptoms of a food jag?

The primary symptom of a food jag is simply an individual preferring a particular food, prepared the same way, every day.

How will the condition progress if left untreated?

Food jags will continue to persist, if untreated, and will result in a significantly limited, unhealthy diet.

How can I help treat my child’s condition?

General treatment includes feeding therapy to increase the number of accepted foods and to create a more well-rounded and healthy diet. Feeding therapy may include working with a speech pathologist, occupational therapist, and/or a dietitian.

Our Approach at North Shore Pediatric Therapy

Our multidisciplinary feeding team offers the most comprehensive treatment approach for children with food jags. Our specialized team features a speech-language pathologist, dietitian, occupational therapist, and licensed professional counselor trained to deal with all aspects of food jags. Therapy often involves treating all areas of your child’s feeding development.

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