Eight Tips For Helping Your Sensory Sensitive Child While Dining Out

Family With Young Children At RestaurantEnjoying family meals out at a restaurant can be a lot of fun. However, for some children, this experience can also be a source of sensory overload with all the sights, sounds, smells and movement throughout the restaurant. Below are a few ideas to help you and your child have a pleasurable meal at your favorite neighborhood spot!

How to Make A Restaurant Manageable For Your Child

  1. Engage in heavy work at home such as frog jumps, wheelbarrow walks, or household chores before going to your meal
  2. Use a Lap Lander or Sensory Snuggle to provide deep pressure input during the meal
  3. Bring along fidget toys such as play dough or putty for your child to squeeze
  4. Facilitate deep breathing techniques
  5. Have your child drink through a straw
  6. Allow your child to chew gum or eat bread or other chewy foods while waiting for your meal to arrive
  7. Take a break in the bathroom
  8. Take a walk around the parking lot together