Homework Helper: Handwriting Checklist

Writing Checklist


Does your child have trouble writing essay’s, paper’s or even short stories? 

Below is a quick checklist to help you and your child keep their thoughts organized all while writting well! 

If your child is just learning to write, help them use the checklist by reading it to them as they work out their story.  If your child is older, have them checkoff each section themselves after they finish writing.  This Writing Checklist is a great tool to print out and keep at their “homework station”!


___ Periods are at the end of my sentences.

___ Question marks, commas, and quotations marks are in the right places.

___ Almost every word is spelled correctly.

___ I remembered to indent each paragraph.

___ Each of my paragraphs has one main idea.

___ I have used correct grammar.

___ My handwriting is legible.


___ I have capitalized the first word in each sentence.

___ I have capitalized people and pet names.

___ I have capitalized months and days.

___ I have capitalized cities, states, and places.

___ I have capitalized titles of books, movies, et cetera.

___ I did not make capital letters in place of lower case letters.


___ My sentences are sequenced in order.

___ My introduction is exciting and inviting.

___ My ideas flow and are well connected.

___ I have a satisfying conclusion.


___ I used a graphic organizer to create and organize ideas.

___ My ideas are written in my own words.

___ My writing is clear and focused.

___ My details give the reader important information.

___ My ideas relate to one another.

Word Choice

___ Every word seems just right.

___ I used a lot of describing words.

___ My words paint pictures in the reader’s mind.

___ I used strong verbs like darted and exclaimed.

___ I used synonyms to add variety.

Sentence Fluency

___ My sentences begin in different ways.

___ Some sentences and paragraphs are short and some are long.

___ It just sounds good as it is read aloud.

___ There are no run-ons.

___ My sentences are complete.

Writing Checklist

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