How to Use Theraputty to Develop Hand Strength

You may have seen your child’s occupational therapist (OT) using a tool that looks like a chunk of clay during your child’s therapy sessions and wondered, “What is that?!” This tool, called theraputty, is a resistant play dough that works on strengthening the small muscles of the hands and fingers. Theraputty can be used in a variety of ways to improve hand strength, while also being highly motivating for children.

Ways to Use Theraputty to Develop Hand Strength:

  • Hide marbles or buttons in the putty, and have your child go on a treasure hunt to find the items.
  • After your child finds the objects in the putty, have him hide them in the putty and give the putty to a sibling to go on a treasure hunt.
  • Hide coins in the putty. What your child finds, he can keep!
  • Hide game pieces in putty (i.e. Checkers pieces, pawns for Sorry!) before family game night. Your child has to find the pieces in order to play the game.

These fun activities using theraputty develop your child’s hand strength, which will facilitate fluid fine motor skills, handwriting skills and independence in daily tasks.

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