10 Ways to Encourage Handwriting Practice Without a Pencil

When handwriting is challenging for a child, getting a pencil in their hand can be a difficult task. There are many ways to practice letters without using a pencil. The motor planning component of handwriting can be reinforced through the following activities.

10 Fun Activities For Practicing Handwriting:

  1. Pour cornmeal onto a cookie sheet. Then an adult draws a letter in the cornmeal. Have the child trace the letter a couple times. Then the child can draw the letter in the finger paintingcornmeal themselves. If needed, an adult can guide the child’s hand to make the letter appropriately.
  2. Buy cheap hair gel and put it in a large Ziploc bag. Lie the bag on a flat surface and the child can use their finger to draw letters.
  3. Put shaving cream on the bathtub wall and have the child write letters with their finger.
  4. Use sidewalk chalk or a paint brush with water to make letters outside.
  5. Use blocks to make large letters on the floor.

 For the following five activities, click here to print out large letters as a guide if helpful.

  1. Create letters out of playdoh.
  2. Use Wikki Sticks or pipe cleaners to make letters.
  3. Make letters out of a snack food, for example, raisins, cereal or marshmallows.
  4. Make letters using push pins in a cork board.
  5. Have the child crumple tissue paper, then glue the tissue paper on to cover the letter.

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