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Deborah Michael


I received my undergraduate in applied psychology and my master’s degree in occupational therapy from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. I worked for Head Start Kindergarten programs as a mental health consultant before pursuing my graduate education. I worked at RIC and in private pediatric settings. I sat on the professional advisory committee of the Autism Society of Illinois and I was the vice president of the North Suburban chapter Support Group of the Autism Society of Illinois. I am very involved with the community of families with various pediatric rehabilitation issues. I come from a family of physicians, including my father, a pediatric surgeon, my brother, a pediatric neurologist, and my husband, an obstetrician/gynecologist, and I have always been involved and interested in pediatric healthcare. I started North Shore Pediatric Therapy to provide multidisciplinary therapy including Neuropsychology, Occupational, Physical, Speech, ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), Behavior911 (Behavior Therapy in home, school and clinic), Tutoring, Social Groups, and Nutrition in an ideal environment for kids to blossom. I come from a medically based training center, Rush, and pride myself on strong traditional therapeutic methods. Customer service and quality always come first for the families at North Shore Pediatric Therapy because that is what I believe in.

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Maureen Evans

Director of Client Experience

I joined North Shore Pediatric Therapy over 12 years ago as a member of the Family Child Advocate Team having been in the global art world, international textile sales and management, and banking and finance. Now, as Director of Client Experience for North Shore Pediatric Therapy, I realize that this position is a calling and not just a career, and the common denominator in my professional life has been one of service excellence and advocacy. Having been on boards, both charitable and professional, I realize that my skill set and my mind set have perfectly coalesced my passion for helping children realize their fullest potential.

This plethora of experience has allowed me the singular privilege to further strengthen and enhance North Shore Pediatric Therapy’s  vision of providing multiple services in an environment of professionalism and joy which reflects our company promise of warmly supporting our families, seeing change through excellent therapy, and watching children blossom!

Every day is busy and full of challenges, yet our core values of being client-centric and providing operational excellence perfectly aligns with my professional vision of seamless service and superb client experience. Each employee has been highly trained and mentored by a team that is supportive and full of positive energy and whose mandate is to champion the professional and personal growth of each therapist.

This vibrant energy is felt throughout North Shore Pediatric Therapy and translates to the families we serve. I am a liaison between families, therapists, schools and the community. Having had three children with learning differences has taught me to expertly navigate the mélange of often confusing and ineffectual services. The genius of North Shore Pediatric Therapy is the unique and innovative concept of offering multiple services in a central location supervised by a team of experienced and proactive professionals.

This position is a clarion call to action and it is my honor to work with colleagues who are talented, gracious and dedicated to improving the lives of the children in our care. I am deeply humbled by this expectation for excellence and profoundly committed to contributing my energies, passion and experience to advocate and help children blossom.