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10 Keys to Positive Parenting

Positive parenting, sometimes called positive discipline, gentle guidance, or loving guidance, is simply guidance that keeps kids on the right path. The goals of positive parenting are to raise children who want to behave appropriately, and to raise children who turn into well-adjusted, productive adults. Listed are 10 keys to positive parenting that are easy […]

The History of Autism

Over the last 10 years the word autism has become a very well-known term. With the rates of autism steadily on the rise, most people are now at least somewhat familiar with it. But many people probably don’t know when autism officially become a recognized disorder, and how it evolved into what we know today? […]

The Importance of Parent Involvement in ABA Therapy

Applied behavior analysis therapy (ABA) is a well-known, scientifically proven intervention for increasing functional skills in children with autism or developmental delays. While children can make great gains with ABA therapy, the children who make the most gains are the ones who have parents who are actively involved in their child’s therapy. Being actively involved […]

The Importance of Choosing Evidence-Based Treatments for Children with Autism

Your child just received an autism diagnosis and you want to get them started in some type of therapy, but how do you chose from the vast number treatments that claim to help children with autism?  In addition to the seemingly endless list of treatments you can find on the internet, there is also many […]

10 Things A Parent Of A Child With Autism Wants To Hear

Any parent of a child with autism can tell you that they hear a seemingly endless amount of advice, opinions, and suggestions from friends, family, and even strangers who think they know what is best. Instead of trying to offer advice or what you think is best for their child, you should instead offer encouragement […]

Tips for Babysitting a Child with Special Needs

You agreed to babysit a child with special needs……now what? Babysitting any child that you are unfamiliar with can be a challenge initially, but going into the situation prepared and knowing what to expect will make the experience a positive one for everyone involved. Prior to babysitting a child with special needs: Do your homework: […]

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

What is ABA? Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the science of behavior which focuses on the application of behavioral principles in real-world settings such as clinics, schools, and the work place with the aim of improving socially significant behaviors such as behavior problems and learning (Baer, Wolf, & Risley, 1968). Socially significant behaviors can include: […]

Using Reinforcement and Punishment at School

Classroom management can be a very challenging part of teaching. Keeping 20-30 students calm, engaged, and motivated to learn is no easy feat! For optimal learning, it is necessary for the teacher to have the student’s behavior under control. It is also important for students to be given clear expectations so they know exactly what […]