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Child Struggling In School | Pediatric Therapy Tv

Today’s episode answers a question from a viewer.  The mother asks if she should be worried that her son’s teacher tells her that her son has a hard time paying attention in class.  Pediatric Neuropsychologist Dr. Stasi answers her with what her next steps should be. In This Video You Will Learn: If a parent […]

Good Handwriting | When Should Your Child Develop Writing Skills? | Pediatric Therapy TV

Pediatric Occupational Therapist Gives Our Viewers Age Guides For When Children Should Have Legible Handwriting In This Video You Will Learn: What age children should have legible handwriting What age they should have their capital letter by What age they should be writing words and sentences Video Transcript: Announcer: From Chicago’s leading experts in pediatrics […]

The Importance Of Tummy Time For Your Baby | Pediatric Therapy TV

Today we interviewed a Pediatric Physical Therapist on why Tummy Time is so important for the growth and development of babies. Click Here to read more about Tummy Time In This Video You Will Learn: The importance of Tummy Time early on The risks of not doing Tummy Time Milestones Tummy Time helps babies reach […]

Teaching Your Child To Care

Teaching your child to care for others is an important role that each and every parent carries. Often, people assume that compassion is a born instinct, but it can also be taught. Yes, all people are born with some level of a “caring gene”, just as Babe Ruth was born with a talent to play […]

Reading Contest Results: Top Books For First Time Readers

Reading together is a great activity with many benefits parents and caretakers can do with children from a very young age. Some parents even read to their children before birth! Before you know it, the time comes for children to get involved with the reading… But what story will provide the right combination excitement, fun, […]

All By Myself: Child’s First Book Contest

Share Your Child’s First Book For a $75 Amazon.com Gift Card | So Easy To Win This Contest! Time and time again parents are told that reading to your child as early as birth and teaching your child to read early is important for development and will lead to life long success.  Here at North Shore Pediatric […]