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Bond With Your Child Through An Amelia Bedelia Book!

Do you need some time to bond with a child? “Amelia Bedelia Bakes Off” can help! Amelia not only is a great book to read and teach kids that being an Out of Sync Sensory Integration guru of a child can be oh so cool, but this book is a great way to spend quality […]

5 Ways to Get Moving with Your Kids

Why not get moving with your kid instead of sitting around watching tv? Why not get moving with your kid instead of going to a movie? Why not get moving with your kid instead of baking a cake? Why not get moving with your kid instead of playing on social media sites and tweeting? Listen, […]

Why Working at North Shore Pediatric Therapy is The Best Private Pediatric Therapy Clinic Job In Chicago!

Pediatric occupational, speech, physical therapists, social workers, BCBA’s and tutors have many options for work but who can beat these top 26 reasons to work at North Shore Pediatric Therapy? The jobs may be out there for pediatric OT, PT, Speech, BCBA and social workers but there are not too many places that hold their […]

Cubs, White Sox, Bears, or Bulls Games with Kids: Is it Worth It? | 6 Tips For Attending Games With Kids

We adults love getting our team jersey on, buying peanuts, crackerjacks, and relaxing at the game. But, why add a child to the fun? Well, I guess many of us want our kids to  get as excited at the game as we do, and if you have a child that truly does, great! Take them! […]

Francis Parker, Latin, University of Chicago Lab, Chicago City Day, Anshe Emmet, Sacred Heart or Somewhere Else? Which school is best for my child?

How do I pick the best school for my child and what if my child has special needs? If you have a baby and you live in a big city like Chicago, then soon enough you will be thinking, “Oh boy, what activities do I sign him up for? Where do I register for preschool? […]

Making the most out of the Autism Society of Illinois

Your child has an autism spectrum disorder and you live in Illinois or you want to live in Illinois. You start calling friends, joining chat rooms, and asking all over for information on autism, on Illinois, on schools, on legislation, on support groups, and on therapy providers. I have news for you, your research is […]