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Teach Your Child to Pay It Forward

I get comments all the time like, “You are so mature for your age.” or “You have an old soul.” or “I can’t believe you’re a millennial!” Apparently someone in their 20s doing something kind or responsible comes as a big shock these days. It’s kind of sad. I’m living in a generation known as […]

5 Great Ideas For Snowy Day Fun

Let it Snow! Let it snow! Let it Snow! Here are 5 great ideas for snowy day fun: Build an igloo or snow castle. Most kids have built a typical snow fort before, but not many have attempted an awesome igloo! Start by bringing out some empty boxes (cheap plastic shoe boxes work best.) Pack […]

BINGO! New Twists on a Classic Game

BINGO! What’s the first image that comes to mind when you hear the word? Senior night at the community center? What if I told you the images that come to my mind are all from my childhood? That’s right. Bingo is also for kids. There are lots of great options out there for playing Bingo […]

How to Get Your New Year Resolutions Back on Track

A few years ago I made what most would think a pretty simple resolution. I resolved to make the year about me. I was going to try to stop putting everyone else ahead of myself all of the time. I was going to get manicures when I wanted them, go to a movie once in […]