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How is My Kindergartener Doing in School?

Did your child begin kindergarten this fall? Are you concerned about the impact of preschool absence on later academic success? Do you worry about a delayed school start effecting the trajectory of your child’s education? In Neuropsychology, we answer these questions by assessing the level of what we call, “School Readiness”. School readiness is a […]

Should My Child Be Tested for Autism?

As parents, it is natural to worry about your child’s development if he or she does not seem to be meeting developmental milestones on time. When will my child say their first word? Shouldn’t they be walking by know? Should they still be having this much trouble reading? Children’s developmental milestones can vary greatly, and […]

Managing Your Child’s Stress During COVID-19

This week, the head of our Neuropsychology Department offers some advice on how to manage the stress your child might have during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Life has changed.  Restaurants are closed. Playdates are scheduled over zoom. The classroom is now our kitchen table. Our world has grown smaller. While this can be difficult for us, […]

5 Ways to Maintain Language Skills During Social Distancing

Social distancing may be challenging for children with speech and language disorders, as it limits decreases their daily opportunities to practice language with others. In addition, having to transition to phone calls and text messaging as opposed to face to face communication may be overwhelming for our kiddos with speech and language disorders. Never fear! […]