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Carving a Pumpkin – Make it a Speech and Language Activity!

One of my favorite Halloween memories from childhood is carving pumpkins with my dad. I loved the excitement of picking them out, pulling out all the yucky guts, deciding on faces, lighting them up and then, of course, making pumpkin seeds. With Halloween right around corner, it’s a great time to carve some pumpkins and […]

5 Halloween Themed Language Activities

Most kids LOVE Halloween. Costumes, trick-or-treating, candy….I mean really, what’s not to love? Here are 5 fun Halloween themed speech and language activities for you and your family to enjoy! P.S., All of these games are FREE! 5 Fun Halloween Themed Language Activities: Halloween Scattergories -Try and come up with a Halloween related word for […]

10 Great Apps for Speech and Language Development

These days, kids can work an iPad or iPhone before they even say their first words, and they can definitely navigate technology better than Grandma or Grandpa can. There are a number of benefits to using apps for speech and language development. First and foremost, kids love using the iPad. It’s shiny, animated, and it […]

Stuttering-How to Help Your Child at Home

      When you first notice your child stuttering, it can be very worrisome. Will he grow out of it? Should I take him for a speech-language evaluation? Why is it happening? First, let’s look at what is typical versus atypical stuttering in young children. Typical During language development, young children occasionally repeat syllables […]

How to Use Books to Promote Language Development in Babies and Toddlers

      Books are a fantastic way to stimulate learning and language development with your baby or toddler. Books provide a way to introduce new vocabulary, increase attention spans, inspire their imaginations, and the best part – reading books with your child is a great bonding experience. Here are some general tips to consider […]

Toys to Elicit Language from Birth to Three

      Your child’s first three years of life are the most intensive period for speech and language development. Children learn through modeling, imitation, and most importantly; through play. Below are some examples of toys that will help elicit language and communication in your child. It’s important to keep in mind that these toys […]

How to Use Everyday Items for Language Play

      When you walk into your child’s therapy clinic, you see toys, games, slides, swings, bubbles, scooters….I could go on forever. There’s always an endless supply of things to keep children entertained, motivated, and mostly, to make sure they’re having fun while working towards their therapy goals. However, you don’t need fancy toys […]

The Development of Gestures in Communication

      Communication encompasses so much more than just talking. Our body language, intonation, gestures, and facial expressions say just as much as our words. The importance of gesturing has long been underestimated in the field of speech-language pathology. However, gestures are one of the very first forms of communication, and recent research has […]