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How to Use Everyday Items for Language Play

      When you walk into your child’s therapy clinic, you see toys, games, slides, swings, bubbles, scooters….I could go on forever. There’s always an endless supply of things to keep children entertained, motivated, and mostly, to make sure they’re having fun while working towards their therapy goals. However, you don’t need fancy toys […]

The Development of Gestures in Communication

      Communication encompasses so much more than just talking. Our body language, intonation, gestures, and facial expressions say just as much as our words. The importance of gesturing has long been underestimated in the field of speech-language pathology. However, gestures are one of the very first forms of communication, and recent research has […]

Breaking Down Standardized Assessment Scores

So, your child had a speech-language evaluation and the therapist hands you the report. After a quick glance you see lots of numbers, percentile rankings, terms like “compared to same age peers”, “within the average range”, raw scores, standard scores, scaled scores, age-equivalents….whew. That is a lot of information to take in, process, and understand. […]

Strategies for Pre-Reading | The Benefits of Wordless Books

  One of my favorite tools to use in speech therapy is a wordless book. They have endless (okay, maybe not completely endless, there is a story in those pictures) possibilities for creating, imagining, predicting, and story telling. Here are the top 10 reasons why I LOVE wordless books for kids: 1.    It’s reading before […]

Picky Eater vs. Problem Feeder

Eating. What’s not to love? Whether it’s a gooey, cheesy slice of pizza or a warm cookie fresh out of the oven (yum!), let’s face it -humans love to eat.  Little humans, ehh not so much. Little ones can be incredibly stubborn when it comes to eating, especially when they’re toddlers. What three year old […]