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Where To Go If Your Child Has Been Misdiagnosed

Parents come to professionals in order to ascertain what is going on with their child.  As a neuropsychologist, the two most common questions I hear are:What is wrong with my child? And How do I fix it?   A diagnosis will help clarify the symptom characteristics that the child exhibits which in turn will lead […]

Helping Your Child Plan and Organize Their Daily Lives

The start of school brings many changes with children’s daily lives. Children must be able to transition between subjects, organizing their work, sitting at home, and independently taking the initiative to do their homework and monitor their own productivity. These above behaviors all fall under the label of “executive functioning.” Many children are able to complete […]

Sugar Not to Blame for ADHD

Sugar has been hypothesized for years as being a major culprit in the rise of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. In fact, this notion was so popular and accepted that it was actually paired as the correct answer to the statement, “The major cause of hyperactivity in North America” on the television show Jeopardy in January […]

How To Notify A Parent About Concerns You Have For a Child In Your Classroom

The start of a new school year is associated with many changes for a child’s academic, behavioral, and social functioning.  Teachers are often the first ones to identify concerns regarding a child’s academic, social, or behavioral functioning.  Bringing concerns up to a parent can always be a challenging situation.  Below are several tips that can […]

Start The School Year Out Right

A Guide To Meeting With Your Child’s New Education Team Summer vacation is almost over and the first day of school for many children is on the horizon. The majority of children (and teachers) experience difficulty transitioning from the carefree days of summer to the rigid structure of school. Children with special needs and learning […]

How To Develop Task Initiation In Children

What To Do When Your Child Can’t Get Started Initiation is a child’s ability to independently start tasks. Many children with executive functioning deficits struggle with initiating actions, leading to difficulties completing tasks. . There is, unfortunately, a lack of research examining effective interventions for initiation.However, the research that is out there strongly emphasizes cueing […]

An Introduction on Interventions for Executive Functioning

As discussed in my previous blog “What is Executive Functioning”, executive functions are the skills that help organize and guide a child through daily life. There are many aspects of executive functioning: Organization Planning Problem solving Working memory Initiation of tasks Impulse control The ability to monitor the effectiveness of one’s work While these are […]

Why Does My Child Need a Diagnosis?

-“I don’t want to label my child.” -“Teachers are biased against diagnosed children.” -“My son doesn’t act like most kids with _________ (particular diagnosis).”   These are statements that I hear on a routine basis, and they are all valid points. Any diagnosis that a child or adolescent may have carries a certain stigma to it. […]

What Is Executive Functioning?

“Executive functioning” is a buzzword right now in the academic and parenting worlds. I often hear teachers use the term loosely at staffing and school meetings. What does it actually mean, though, and why do so few children seem to have executive functioning skills? Executive Functioning Defined: The definition of executive functioning is actually implied […]

Gifted Children And What It Means To Be Advanced

I was asked to write a blog on giftedness in children – specifically, how to access it and how to ensure that a child with cognitive strength is able to reach his or her potential. This has proven to be a hard topic to write about. I don’t like the term “giftedness” for several reasons, […]