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“I’m Important, too!” How to Get Siblings Involved in Your Child’s Therapeutic Process

As any brother or sister can tell you, having a sibling with special needs can be pretty rough. First, there’s the everyday sibling-rivalry stuff that we all experience. “Mom! Sam isn’t sharing his toys!” In addition, the child in therapy often gets first priority when it comes to scheduling. “Sydney, we can’t go to the pool today […]

When it’s more than a case of “The Mondays”: Motivating your Child when School Is Challenging

“I hate school, I’m never going back!” “I can’t do it!” “ I’m not smart like the other kids.” “My teacher hates me.” If you’ve heard these comments from your child, you are not alone. Children with learning differences in particular are at risk for school burn-out. The work is challenging and the battle seems […]

10 Ways to Help Your Toddler Acclimate to a New Caregiver

Many toddlers receive care from a caregiver other than their parent at some point, whether this is a grandparent, family friend, babysitter, nanny, therapist, or other professional caregiver. Some children go to daycare, while others receive care in their home. Each situation can be difficult for the toddler and her parent. These tips will give […]