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Activity Analysis of Cookie Baking

While on winter vacation, there are so many wonderful activities that your children are already participating in that benefit their fine motor and gross motor skills; however,you are not always aware of it. This is why it is important to take a look at the activity analysis,in order to break down the skills and components […]

Strategies to Replace Hand Flapping

As I mentioned in my previous blog, hand flapping behavior from a child can occur for many different reasons and not only in children with Autism. It is important to keep in mind that every child is unique and reacts to various situations in a different manner as well as with different mannerisms. Children may […]

Does Hand Flapping Mean Autism?

With today’s easy access to the Internet, it is common for many of us to try and diagnose our own symptoms and ailments; however, even if your symptoms come to a match, it does not necessarily mean that you have that particular diagnosis that shows up on your computer. The same can be said with […]

Holiday Shopping: How to Choose Developmentally Appropriate Toys for Your Child

The holidays are approaching rather quickly and most parents are hoping to not only get their children gifts that will make them happy and excited, but gifts that will help them to learn and grow as well. It can definitely be challenging to not only find a toy or game that you feel your child […]

Activities to Address Your Child’s Tactile Hypersensitivities

As stated in my previous blog “Why is my Child Sensitive to Clothing”, our goal as occupational therapists is to help children with tactile defensiveness to re-train their brains in order to identify and process various tactile inputs appropriately, and to best engage in age-appropriate activities, including wearing a variety of clothing.  Listed below are several […]

Why Is My Child Sensitive To Clothing?

One of the most common questions that parents ask us as occupational therapists is: “why is my child sensitive to her clothing?” Or, “why won’t my daughter wear jeans?” Or, “why doesn’t my child like to wear certain shoes and socks?”.  While this may seem like an odd behavior, it is not unusual in the […]

The IMPORTANCE of Superman and Silly Bug!

During an occupational therapy initial evaluation, as well as throughout ongoing treatment sessions, a child’s ability to maintain two anti-gravity positions is observed. These two positions are named Superman (prone extension) and Silly Bug (supine flexion). Each position observes how the child moves his body (e.g., body awareness and motor planning), his strength and endurance […]

Candy Corn Pick-up: To Build Finger Strength and Manipulation

As I mentioned in my previous blog about carving a pumpkin, there are so many fun as well as simple activities for occupational therapy that you may practice in the comfort of your own home. One such festive idea that many of our occupational therapists have been incorporating into their therapy sessions lately is “candy […]

Skills Addressed When Carving a Pumpkin

Like many other fun and simple activities, carving a pumpkin is a great way to work on occupational therapy skills right at home. Such skills include fine motor, visual motor, bilateral coordination, executive functioning, along with imagination and creativity. Here is a quick breakdown of the Pumpkin Carving activity: Choosing a pumpkin: this in itself provides the […]

5 Uses for a Large Floor Pillow

As I mentioned in my previous blog “how to make a large Floor Pillow”, there are several different reasons that therapists use floor pillows during your child’s therapy sessions.  Floor pillows are a wonderful tool and provide a relaxation spot for children of all ages. Below are several ways your large floor pillow can be […]