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Top 3 Board Games to Foster Therapeutic Skill Development

Board games not only provide a cure for rainy day boredom or a source for family entertainment, but they also provide a positive and collaborative outlet in which critical thinking and interactional skills can be enhanced. Therapeutic board games are not needed to help identify and foster skills like compromise/negotiation, turn-taking, impulse control, frustration tolerance […]

Social Thinking: Improving Social Skills to Enhance Socio-Emotional Health

What is social thinking? Social thinking is what we do when we interact with people. For successful social interactions, it is important that the individual take in and process information embedded in both verbal and non-verbal cues and process how to effectively respond based on the context and topic of presented material. Joint attention, knowledge […]

Childhood Depression: The Difference Between “The Blues” and Mood Issues

How can you tell the difference between a rough day or week versus a more serious mood issue in your child? We all have the occasional bad day, but when a child’s mood or behavior changes so dramatically that it begins to interfere with their overall quality of life, depression may be present. In addition […]

Ways to Handle Tragedy with Children

Co-Authored by: Ali Wein, LCSW and Michelle Winterstein, LCSW What happens when a tragedy occurs? When the unthinkable happens, both adults and children access their darkest fears and concerns about national, community, and personal safety. Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event and can be expressed in a variety of ways. Children may […]

Imaginary Friends: The Facts on these Fictitious Characters

I cannot think about imaginary friends without thinking of one of my favorite 90’s movies, Drop Dead Fred. In this particular comedy, a woman enduring a mid-life crisis is visited by her childhood imaginary friend as she copes through the termination of her marriage and the ending of her career. Although this funny flick is […]