Baby crawing

Gross Motor Milestone Checklist For Ages Birth to 4 years

Find out if your child has a possible Gross Motor Delay with our Easy Checklist.


What is a Gross Motor Delay?

A child may be diagnosed with a gross motor delay if there are milestones that they have not met for their age. This is a very broad diagnosis, and the severity and treatments will vary from child to child. For example, a 10-month-old baby who does not pull to stand independently is only considered mildly delayed. However, and 8-month-old baby who cannot sit without support is considered more significantly delayed. A child is typically diagnosed with a gross motor delay between 3 months and 3 years of age.


With This Easy to Use, Two Page, Free Checklist You Will:

  • Identify issues and have the opportunity to provide appropriate help to enable your child developmental success.
  • Have a great tool at your next pediatrician visit.
  • Have a true understanding if your child is behind in any of the developmental milestones related to Gross-Motor activities.


This Checklist is a must for any parent, teacher or physician looking to find answers!