Doctor Profile

Rhiannon Law, Ph.D. is a graduate of Indiana University- Bloomington and a current pediatric neuropsychology post-doctoral fellow at NSPT. Previously, she obtained her Master of Arts degree in Clinical/Counseling Psychology from Illinois State University and her undergraduate degree from Illinois Wesleyan University. Rhiannon specializes in neuropsychological testing with toddlers, children, and adolescents, including evaluations for ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), learning disabilities, mood/behavioral concerns, and complex medical conditions. Rhiannon has been involved in various research projects, including investigating implementation of trauma-informed systems in schools, joint attention mediated learning in toddlers with ASD, pediatric performance validity testing, and executive functioning following a TBI. She also has experience practicing in a variety of settings, including hospitals, schools, and residential treatment centers. Rhiannon works closely with patients and their families to provide comprehensive assessments to inform diagnostic impressions and to guide broader treatment planning.

Licensure & Board Certification

Licensed Clinical Psychologist (Illinois Board of Psychology)