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Reward Your Child Without Breaking The Bank

Reward (noun): a token given in recognition of effort, service or accomplishment. Everyone, no matter their age, recognizes the positive aspects of being rewarded for hard work and perseverance. As adults, we get rewarded at work with words of praise or a monetary bonuses, encouraging us to continue to strive beyond the minimum. Children, just […]

My Child Doesn’t Pay Attention

“Pay attention!” A phrase often heard at home or in the classroom. A child having difficulty completing a task or preferring to be run in circles in your living room can be frustrating and time-consuming in your daily schedule. Often, the two behaviors are perceived as difficulty in attending to tasks or avoidant behaviors to […]

What is Hypotonia?

Low muscle tone, also called Hypotonia, is a term used to describe the resting length of a muscle before it is activated for purposeful movement. If a muscle’s resting length is greater than average, a child may present with hyperextenion of the joints. In addition, hypotonia refers to the speed of a muscle contraction, difficulty […]

Occupational Therapy: The Benefits in a School Setting

Occupational Therapy, as a profession, focuses on promoting participation and completion of daily activities, whether they be work, leisure or self-care activities. Occupational therapy in a pediatric sense focuses on promoting developmental milestones, social and emotional well-being and independence in everyday tasks, whether it be at home or in the school. Occupational therapists are also […]