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Hassle Free Haircuts For Children

For some children, hair cuts can be a stressful experience, whether it’s the first time or the twentieth. The North Shore Pediatric Therapy team of occupational therapists has  developed a list of ideas to help make those hair cut times easier for you and your child. How To Help Your Child Get A Haircut Heavy work […]

Save Time: Incorporate Your Child’s Home Exercise Programs into your Daily Routine

Therapy Homework Doesn’t Have To Be Another Task On Your Long To-Do List Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to fit everything into your day when there is just so much to do! That feeling has often led me to wish that there were at least 28 hours to each day so that it could all be […]

How To: Teach Your Child to Write the Right Way

Handwriting is a very complex process that requires many prerequisite skills and abilities before it can be done successfully and easily. Some of these skills and abilities include the development of the small muscles in the hand, pencil/marker grasp, eye-hand coordination, the ability to draw shapes and lines, and visual perceptual skills. For beginner writers, […]

Eight Tips For Helping Your Sensory Sensitive Child While Dining Out

Enjoying family meals out at a restaurant can be a lot of fun. However, for some children, this experience can also be a source of sensory overload with all the sights, sounds, smells and movement throughout the restaurant. Below are a few ideas to help you and your child have a pleasurable meal at your […]

A Little Roughhousing Goes a Long Way

As a pediatric occupational therapist, this story on The Today Show this morning caught my attention. The story illustrates that roughhousing helps “self- esteem and physical development” and that “it can actually make kids smarter, emotionally intelligent, likable — even lovable”. For years, I have been prescribing home exercise programs to parents with children with […]

Disc-o-Sit | Easy Home Activities That Target Balance and Core Control

The Disc-O-Sit cushion is a fun and easy tool to use at home.   This round, rubbery cushioncan be used to work on balance, core strength and postural control.  Below are suggestions for a variety of activities that your child will enjoy! Using The Disc-O-Sit Cushion While Standing or Kneeling: Tape a piece of paper or […]

Strategies for Oral and Motor/Sensorimotor Input

Children who put toys in their mouths, chew on their clothing or bite their pencils at school may be seeking oral motor/sensorimotor input to help their bodies reach an optimal arousal level. We want to provide them with strategies to get this input in an appropriate manner. Here is a list of alternative strategies to […]