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5 Roles to Assign a Sibling When There is a New Baby

It’s Friday night and you are at the dinner table with your 3 week old baby boy and 5 year old daughter. After taking a sip of water, your daughter looks at you and says, “Mommy, I need a diaper.” Because your daughter has been potty trained for 2 years now, these are words that […]

iPad and iPhone Apps For Autism

What a difference one year makes in the world of technology!!. Recently, everywhere you look, people are on their iPads, iPhones, iPods. Imagine if there was a way to help your child improve his/her social skills by using these technological advancements… well NOW THERE IS!  iPad and iPhone application developers have tons of applications to […]

Teaching Turn Taking

While sitting at the park you begin to wonder why it appears to be so effortless for other kids to enjoy playing and interacting together when your child has a difficult time with what seems to be such an easy activity. Relax, we have all been there. Teaching turn taking is a challenge for all […]

Preparing Siblings for a New Baby

While you are busy trying to figure out what color room to paint, picking out the best crib, and preparing for the “big day,” you suddenly remember that you have another child at home that you have to help get ready for the arrival of the new baby. Suddenly, you panic. You might, think, “How […]

How To Keep Your Toddler Well Behaved At A Family Function

Aren’t toddlers so fun and adorable? You’re probably saying to yourself, “Well, most of the time!” Keeping your toddler well-behaved at a family function can be extremely difficult, especially because you don’t want to unleash the “monster parent” in front of other family members. Keep cool! Remember that your toddler is doing the best he […]