Watch What Makes Our Culture Blossom

The purpose of this video is to capture on film the unique and vibrant culture that North Shore Pediatric Therapy is known for. Now, that is easier said than done! We hope that you will take away the strong emotional connections our Employees have for the company, and of course for their Clients. This is not reality TV, but the closest we could come to sharing with you the real deal.

From Culture by Default to Culture by Design

Over sixteen years ago, when Deborah founded NSPT, we never realized that it would be a creative act. Even though it was a new creation, the creative part was not obvious. Building an organization is in fact an act of creativity. Few people realize that when you start out, you are not only creating a new company, but a new culture. That’s because it’s not usually planned. While people working in the company are focused on providing services, administering finance, marketing, recruiting, and all the other activities that a company has to do, a little community springs up. It has its own unspoken customs, traditions, modes of dress and speech, and rules of behavior. By the time we had become aware of it, the culture had become well established, and it is probably a reflection somewhat of the personality of the founders.

When it came time to collaborate as a group to establish our core values and vision for our company in 2007, we were already speaking the same language, and the exercises were a remarkable discovery that our culture was well established. We were already aligned, and inter-connected. Today, knowing how important nurturing culture is to our success, we actually design plans with activities, systems, and processes to promote, support, and monitor our culture for consistency and direction, so that as our company grows, we don’t merely accept whatever happens, but rather ensure that our culture remains intact, and true to its original inspiration. Having multiple locations, we face an additional challenge of maintaining culture. However our concerted effort and initiatives that we strategically execute have proven effective. We aim to recruit, promote, and retain employees based on cultural fit. We demand consistency across all locations, and across all Employees, so that our culture translates into an uplifting experience, both for our Employees, as well as our Clients.

See our culture in action with our fun photos and videos.